Advisors and Associates


Bo Varga Advisor

Bo Varga’s focus since 1979 is on the commercialization of technology through due diligence, product market management, funds raising, transactions-focused marketing, corporate alliances, and government projects to commercialize research.

His work since 2000 has focused on advanced materials, bioagriculture, renewable energy, and water projects as well as multi-scale computational modeling from the quantum level to the application system level.  Prior he worked in business development and marketing roles with advanced power sources for laser & radar systems, leading edge image processing boards & software, leading edge networking boards & software, and scanners & other image capture devices.  In addition he worked as a senior technical and executive recruiter for five years, with the primary focus on retained search.

From 2002 to 2007 he participated in various programs to develop Alberta’s $138 million nanotechnology strategy.  He contributed to the strategy & business plan and developing a global micro & nano technology database of industrial contacts  for the project and contributed to the marketing strategy for the National Institute of Nanotechnology, University of Alberta and the nanotechnology cluster funded by Edmonton Economic Development  -

Current clients include companies commercializing gamma ray tomography for non-destructive testing of concrete structures; electricity generation through river and ocean current tethered turbines; an advanced heavy diesel pollution control system; bioagriculture companies commercializing advanced soil stabilization and protein harvesting technologies; and a company developing advanced chip & wafer testing solutions.  Several companies are sponsored by government ministries in Alberta, Canada, others by the Ministry of Economy, Mexico.

In 2008 Bo assembled a team and completed a due diligence project for the European Investment Bank re a $125 million solar module manufacturing plant in South Africa that is commercializing a new, single step co-evaporation CIGS technology.
His water experience includes a company commercializing advanced ozone generation to purify process water for agricultural, pharmaceutical, and medical applications as well as a company focused on the separation of most metals from water down to the parts per billion levels.



Ken Epstein Advisor

Ken Epstein brings to Envirocern more than 30 years of international business strategy and alliance experience in US as well as in Asia, Europe, and South America. He also has more than 10 years investment banking and venture management experience, including P&L responsibility for both major business units and startups. Ken is Envirocern's "go to" person for all matters related to corporate strategic alliances and fund raising. See

Ken’s experience encompasses M&A, negotiating global marketing and production alliances and joint ventures, as well as providing advisory services for strategic planning, acquisition, and valuation. For the last four years, he has focused his efforts on M&A and Financial Advisory activities in the advanced materials, Cleantech (wind, solar, biomass to energy and biomaterials, and alternative energy sources), and environmental services/water treatment industries. With an extensive background in materials (plastics, chemicals, ceramics, metals, nanotechnology) and Cleantech industries, Ken also advises clients aggressively seeking expansion opportunities into new markets on acquisition candidates and companies seeking global partners.

Ken started his global, multi-functional career with the Dow Chemical Company. He spent the majority of his Dow career (US, Singapore, Brazil) in Dow’s Corporate Venture Group working with petrochemical and material global companies and technologies. He also started businesses, bought and sold small companies, and negotiated a variety of joint ventures and global strategic alliances. He has been doing strategic partnering in China since the late 1980’s.

Ken holds a BS in Chemical Engineering from the University of Rhode Island, and an MBA in International Finance from the University of Michigan.




Ragnar K. Stefansson Civil and Environmental Engineer

Ragar K. Stefansson is the Civil and Environmental Engineer for Envirocern. In this capacity he supports Envirocern's principals by providing technical services and applications support to user-customers. Ragnar is also responsible for the sale and use of our principal's technologies in the Environmental Remediation sector. Ragar brings to Envirocern over 15 years of experience in civil and environmental engineering, consulting, project management, general contracting, manufacturing, sales, and marketing in the North American and European sectors.



Sven Schunemann Advisor & Channel Partner

Sven Schunemannis an environmental pioneer in the field of sustainable design and a surface water management expert. He co-founder Flowforms America, Inc and Schunemann Water Design, based in Mill Valley Ca. His newest venture, Schunemann Water Design, arose out of the need to address the relationship between water use and energy that is little understood.

Sven’s work has developed the interconnection of these in systems that combine both energy recovery and water usage to progress sustainability. As a sculptor and designer with over 17 years of experience designing and building water treatment systems/solutions including work for clients such as the Princess Diana Memorial in Hyde Park, London; City of Madison, Capital Square and Prairie Crossing (an award winning Green development) to name but a few. Sven is a multidisciplinary team leader that inspires and directs complex projects that continue to define sustainability. Sven works internationally as a consultant and lectures on water and energy.


Patrick Harris Advisor

Patrick's principle role is to identify new emerging Cleantech technologies, their inventors and firms, and to determine if Envirocern's services may be of value to them. Patrick also is Envirocern's "go to" person on issues such as "carbon credits" and fund raising.