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Geyser Pulse Pumps are a unique family of patented air lift pumps that can be used in a wide range of pumping, mixing and aeration configurations in water and wastewater applications. The design is very simple with no moving parts. Geyser Pulse Pumps are energy efficient  using only low pressure air as a driving force.. Geyser Pulse Pumps are low maintenance and highly reliable for years beyond most submersible pumps. They are easy to install, operate and maintain.


The Geyser Pulse Pumps are manufactured from PVC, powder coated carbon steel or stainless steel making them ideal for most water and wastewater applications including harsh chemical environments. Our applications team will help you to determine the Geyser Pulse Pump best suited to your application.


Conventional submersible pumps often clog due to their complex structure and impeller design. Conventional airlift pumps can also be unreliable and their flow rate depends on a constant airflow rate.  These types of service interruptions do not occur with the Geyser Pulse Pumps.


Additional benefits of Geyser Pulse Pumps include:

  • The strong suction created by the pulse and the powerful rapid ejection of the liquid/slurry as it travels the length of the discharge pipe in slug flow mode virtually eliminates clogging and significantly reduces energy requirements making these pumps more energy efficient than any other type pump in the market.
  • Not only the pulse pump frequency is adjustable it also allows start-up engineers and plant troubleshooters to gain a valuable way to measure the flow rate, streamline solids management and stabilize treatment plant operation for very long durations.


Continuous flow pumping units:

The Geyser Hybrid Pump is a design which is a combination of the patented pulse pump and the conventional airlift pump to tackle the most difficult solids pumping applications including heavier sludge, sugar-sand and/or grit of up to 1” in diameter.  The Geyser hybrid pump allows for an adjustable continuous flow mode and is an ideal replacement of airlift pumps supplied with most grit classifier systems, including cyclone type separators.


Pulse pumping units:

Geyser Pulse Pumps are designed to provide suction velocity superior to centrifugal and standard airlift pumps to assure clog free operations and the ability to pump settled sludge from a much wider surface area than any other pumping system on the market.  Pulse pumps are best suited for the management of:

  • Grit removal
  • Industrial slurries
  • Sludge recirculation (RAS and WAS) at wastewater treatment plants
  • Moving liquids between interconnected basins including recirculation to anoxic zones and for sludge mixing in anoxic basins
  • Retrofitting wastewater treatment plants for bio-nutrient removal treatment
  • An ideal tool for wastewater treatment facilities serving small to mid-size towns and villages
  • Digester Mixers


Selection of the pump for your needs:

You provide the operating parameters for your sludge, slurry, grit pumping requirements and we select and recommend the appropriate Geyser Pulse Pump.


For ordering Geyser Pulse Pumps, please send inquiries to: or contact Randall @ 541-953-3092

Geyser Pump Tech LLC., P.O. Box 20025, Seattle, WA 98102 U.S.A.