Marketing Services

• Implemented beta product placements in key filtration markets and channels.   Led to the initial reference sites and a better understanding of what the product needs to be while providing direction for future successful activities.

• Clarified  the message then created collateral sales materials for a re-launch of a pneumatic fluid pump through a network of manufacturer’s reps and OEM’s which lead to increased business and new manufacturing capability.

• Provided strategy, market planning and sales for a new divergent product initiative for a disruptive pump technology.   Built out the Manufacturers Rep network while Providing leadership on channel selection.

• Numerous successes in the development of corporate strategic alliances for technologies requiring this route to market.

• Numerous examples of guiding and preparing an emerging technology to qualify itself for an A Round funding initiative.


Focused & Differentiated Resources

Market Evaluation Service I – Product/Market Launch – A Clear Path to Sales

This program is designed to provide companies:

• A third party analysis of existing market conditions in anticipation of new product introductions

• Evaluation and assessment of market acceptance

  • - Assessment and applicability of different tactics and strategies to market
  • - Development of the optimal market entry plan & the associated budget
  • - Testing, feedback, best fit and certifications strategy

• Product positioning, channels to markets, and implementation strategies

• Launch plan & added sales revenues

The definition of company objectives, specific program design and detailed proposal is developed over the introductory period. The proposal includes:

• Explanation of and justification for market evaluation need

• Scope, stages and review

• Deliverables, schedule and budget

Industry seasonality, tradeshow launches and other time related issues are taken into consideration, along with company schedules, in order to optimize the flow of the project. Key success influences are delineated to confirm incremental scorecard conclusions.

Market Implementation Service II – Selecting the right Channels

Emphasis is placed on implementation and execution of an already defined launch plan.

• Delineation of the channel strategy as defined by product applications

  • - Imbedded opportunities
  • - Reaching end users

• Target channel needs

  • - Testing, feedback, best fits
  • - Certifications and associated requirements

• Securing channels

  • - Co-op programs
  • - Contracts and expectations
  • - Measurement of performance and realization of initial business goals


Additional Services - "Tap into Envirocern's global network of Associates"

• International Financial Institutions (IFI's) Project Financing Assistance (OPIC,AID,World Bank)

• Technology Searches and International Channel Partnering

• Preparations and Teaming for Fund Raising Initiatives

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