May 2013

Envirocern participated in Petroleum Housing Conference in San Antonio, TX on behalf of  Econity USA, and SJE Rhombus Inc

Envirocern attends OTC, in Houston, TX., for its Principals in order to investigate offshore wastewater handling practices and on shore Frack Water reuse prospects.


April 2013

Envirocern selected by Earth Science Labs,,  to assess markets in Western USA for ESL products.


March 2013

Envirocern engaged by Guangzhou FLM Inc. and TN Technologies USA to aid in Bus Dev relating to new business initiatives.


February 2013

Geyser Pump selected by Lyve Winery Wastewater Systems for use in LYVE's proprietary waste water treatment system

Janaury 2013

Envirocern engages with Geyser Pump to reactivate commercial initiative in Western USA.


December 2012

Envirocern engaged by Econity USA for Bus Dev and Management consulting services


June 2012

Envirocern renews its Consulting Services engagement with SJERhombus Inc.


October 2011
Remediation Service International and Envirocern agree to re-establish their collaboration for the purpose of expanding RSI’s global presence.


July 2011
Nuwater Concepts Inc. announces their alliance with Envirocern Inc. covering the domestic and global expansion of Nuwater Concepts POU, POE, commercial and small industrial filtration products and systems.


June 2011
Envirocern selected to function as the Sales and marketing arm of Geyser Pump, Inc. (see Geyser Pump downloadable product literature)
Envirocern joins NuwaterConcepts as channel development partner to expand distribution of Nuwater products. 

March 2011
Geyser Pump, the grit and sludge air lift pump innovator, has engaged Envirocern as a marketing and business development partner. Envirocern will focus on sales activities in the Western US and internationally as well as the implementation of the product in new applications.