Our team of professionals from the air, water, energy and chemical sectors provides business development expertise in the emerging clean technology industry. We package our service solutions to be a one-stop-shop destination by connecting our clients with our advisory, sales and marketing team to identify and implement the best business opportunities as they arise.

Envirocern’s team of sustaining solution experts delivers comprehensive clean-tech insights and market leadership to facilitate business development, expand sale opportunities and reach the global audience. Honing value statements that reach customer top-of-mind.
• Measures definition
• Product messaging
• Business model definition and funding
• Partnering

Market Research
Envirocern provides compelling, in-depth technology and market analyses that lead to effective communication and reaching the scale of the potential market. We provide assessment from the top and bottom to overlay with your vision.
• Current image of the market
• Competitive positioning
• Customer drivers
• Voice-of-the-customer
• Application development and product definition

Envirocern provides a one stop-shop marketing service including niche channels selection, customer research, market entry and awareness. We understand the trend, competition and regulatory requirements to provide the best superior marketing planning that lead to sales success.
• Segmentation
• Market access
• Planning
• Materials and white papers

Project Funding
Envirocern teams with emerging clean technology firms and their engaged funding institution to assist in the development of cogent and compelling double bottom line investment opportunities.

Technology Searches
Envirocern connects buyers to the industry and aligns itself with clients seeking to identify emerging clean technology firms for strategic alliance and partnering purposes.

Investor Options
Envirocern is a growth platform that continuously identifies new investment opportunities and generates distinctly separate investment opportunities offering exit strategy options for investors.

Other Affiliations
Envirocern is networked to numerous service and technology providers which complement Envirocern’s core interests. Envirocern is also associated with several NGOs, such as the Center for Water Technology (CWT), International Center for Water Technologies (ICWT), and Urban Age, as well as minority-owned businesses with expertise in water and energy. These affiliations provide novel and unique access to additional business opportunities.